All is quiet and all is still

Nothing moves upon the hill,

There is no breeze to stir the trees

Nor the sound of birds or bees

Fields of cows and fields of sheep

Just stand around as if asleep

All is quiet and still.

The distant sound of the church bells ring

A gentle breeze they seem to bring

Which stirs the trees, birds and bees

And all within the fields.


Tranquility, when all was quiet all was still,

And nothing moved upon the hill.



The eagle and the hawk. The kestrel sleek and grey.

All who surf the fields in their constant search for prey.


The garden mole, water vole, field mice and the stoat.

Must be aware and take great care, when birds of prey are hunting.


Thermals rise along the mountain side, to the high plateau where eagles glide.

The eagle eye will dart around, should anything move upon the ground.


The mountain fox and mountain hare must stand quiet still and be aware.

When eagles are a hunting.


From pampas grass to the mountain pass and fields of corn and rye.

All abide must look to hide.

When birds of prey are hunting.